5 Fixes For Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes

Failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes may occur while updating Windows 10. This article will show you how to fix this Windows updates failed reverting issue using 5 methods. Keep on reading khổng lồ get more information.

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Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes

When you are trying to install Windows update, you may get the issue failure configuring windows updates reverting changes takes too long windows 7 shown below:


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What to bởi before Updating Windows?

Before updating Windows, it is recommended to lớn create a system image so your data gets well protected and your computer can be restored to lớn the previous working state lest accidents happen.

To back up the operating system, we recommend the Windows backup software - gametonghop.net ShadowMaker. It is a professional backup tool that can back up the operating system, files and folders, partitions & disks.

gametonghop.net ShadowMaker is also a piece of file sync software which can help you to lớn sync files lớn two or more locations so as to lớn keep data safe.

It also plays an important role in restoring & recovery actions when accidents occur.

Therefore, for safeguarding your PC and data, it is best lớn create a system image before updating. Tải về gametonghop.net ShadowMaker Trial from the following button or purchase the advanced one.

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Now we will show you how to fix failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes problem.

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How bởi I Fix Failure Configuring Windows Update Reverting Changes?

Unplug your removal media from the computer.Run Windows update troubleshooter.Install Windows update in clean boot state.Delete Windows update cache.Perform a system restore.

5 Ways lớn Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes

Note: If the issue failure configuring Windows updates reverting changes bởi not turn of turn of your computer occurs, it may take about 30 minutes to lớn revert the changes, & then the system will show the Windows login screen.

Solution 1: Unplug Your Removable media from the Computer

Tip: Before you try any of the following methods, you can try restarting your computer và installing Windows updates again.

Removable media might be causing the issue failure configuring Windows updates loop.

Check if any removable truyền thông is connected with your computer, such as the USB flash drive, memory card, then unplug them and try updating Windows again.

Solution 2. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Now, go on khổng lồ the second method. The error failure configuring Windows updates loop may be caused by Windows update. Thus, run Windows Update Troubleshooter to lớn fix the problem. The detailed operations are as follows.

Step 1: download Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft. Although Windows includes a built-in troubleshooter, the one from Microsoft tư vấn includes more fixes.

Step 2: Click Next khổng lồ run this tool & start troubleshooting the problems preventing you from updating Windows.


Step 1: Type create a restore point in the search box of Windows 10. Select it lớn continue.

Step 2: Go lớn the System Protection tab and click System Restore.

Step 3: In the popup window, click Next.

Step 4: Now, you can see your previously created restore points listed here. Select the point you want lớn restore to và click Next. If there are several restore points, you can choose any one based on the created time or the description. 

Step 5: Confirm the restore point and Finish.

When the system restore process is finished, you can try to lớn restart your computer and check whether the issue Windows update failed is solved.

In addition, we have mentioned a professional backup tool – gametonghop.net ShadowMaker in the beginning. It can also help you lớn restore your computer khổng lồ an earlier date with the backup image you have created before.

Moreover, from this solution, you can know that it is pretty important to lớn create a system image to lớn protect your PC and data well.

If you haven’t created a restore point, you can try to reinstall the operating system by using a Windows installation media like a Windows DVD or a USB drive so as khổng lồ solve the Windows update reverting changes issue. Before reinstalling the operating system, it is best to lớn back up all your important files so as lớn avoid data loss.

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Bottom Line

We have introduced 5 methods lớn fix the problem Windows reverting changes due to lớn failure lớn configuring updates. You can try using one of them to lớn solve the Windows update failed problem.

If you have any better solution, you can chia sẻ it on the comment zone. If you have any problem with gametonghop.net Program, feel free to tương tác us via the e-mail & we will reply you as soon as possible.

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