Anyone else having issues with Pokemon Go while using giả GPS Pro? Well, the phầm mềm previously worked just fine, but now I am getting an error. Why does Pokemon Go say failed khổng lồ detect location?”

Pokemon Go is one of the trendy games of this generation. It is a pleasure lớn play this game, they provide a lot of tasks, and after finishing them, you get rewarded. But this is a trò chơi solely dependent on the user’s location. So, if you are getting fake GPS Pokemon Go failed to detect location after using a spoofer app, then it will be impossible for you lớn play the game. Not khổng lồ worry, this is a fixable issue, just check out our article below.Bạn sẽ xem: Cara mengatasi failed to lớn detect location di pokemon go

Part 1: Why "Failed lớn Detect Location” in PokemonGo Happened

While there could be a few possible reasons for getting failed to lớn detect location Pokemon Go fake GPS Android, we would only mention the most probable ones.Bạn đang xem: How to lớn fix failed lớn detect location pokemon go while spoofing

It is possible that you are under big buildings, & your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or tablet is having trouble receiving the GPS signal.The mock location option is enabled on your device.

This is mostly the reason khổng lồ get fly GPS Pokemon Go failed lớn detect location. Now, you can kiểm tra out the solutions below.

Part 2: How to lớn Fix PokemonGo Failed to lớn Detect Location Problem on Android

It is not uncommon for the users to get Pokemon Go failed to detect location error while playing the game.

As discussed earlier, there could be a few reasons for getting Pokemon Go failed to lớn detect location giả GPS error, but we know a few ways lớn resolve the issue. Check them out below.

Way 1: Log Out Account and Login Backup Again

If Pokemon Go failed to lớn detect location 12 & you are having trouble playing the game, then you can try log out of the account & then login again.

This is a very simple solution if your điện thoại thông minh has failed to detect location PokemonGo spoofing.

Run the game và tap on the ‘Pokeball’ icon.Then, go lớn ‘Settings’.Locate the ‘SIGN OUT’ option & tap on it.

After logging out successfully, log in again.


This is the simplest way to resolve ‘failed to lớn detect location Pokemon Go 2017" issue. But if this doesn"t work, read the next fix.

Way 2: kiểm tra Location Services

We all know about the need to visit locations when playing Pokemon Go. So, the players need to lớn make sure that the location services are actually turned on.

So, if your smartphone has failed lớn detect location 12 Pokemon Go, then the location service may be turned off. This particular service can be deactivated for many reasons; possibly, it was already disabled or got disabled when the device went into battery saving mode.

So, you must change the condition of location services if Pokemon Go failed to lớn detect location Android…

Go khổng lồ the‘Settings’ of your smartphone.Navigate to‘passwords và Security’ and tap on ‘Location’.

You will find a toggle switch, enable the service.


But this method doesn’t have any solid ground lượt thích the other fixes on this list. It is a completely experimental way lớn fix failed to lớn detect location Pokemon Go nhái GPS. Kiểm tra out the steps…

Enable Developers of Options.After that, install FakeGPS Go.After that, enable Mock Locations from the settings.Lastly, run FakeGPS, và play Pokemon Go.

So, if Pokemon Go failed to lớn detect location iOS, you can try this method lớn fix the issue. It may resolve the issue.

Way 4: Reset Pokemon Go Data and then Log Back In

If the previous method didn’t work & Pokemon Go failed lớn detect location (12) again, then you can try resetting the Pokemon Go data và then log in again.

This is also a very simple procedure that can fix failed khổng lồ detect location Pokemon Go. Steps are below, kiểm tra them out.

Go to lớn the ‘Settings’ of your game android smartphone.

Navigate khổng lồ ‘Apps’ & then tap on ‘Manage Apps’.


A các mục of apps will be opened, tap on ‘Pokemon Go’.Then, tap on ‘Clear Data’ & confirm the action by clicking on ‘Clear Cache’.Doing this will reset the data of Pokemon Go. So, in terms, you will have khổng lồ log in again while fixing failed khổng lồ detect location Pokemon Go fly GPS along the way.

Way 5: Reboot your Phone, Turn on GPS and Then Try Again

This is another simple fix if Pokemon Go failed khổng lồ detect location fly GPS. This method involves rebooting your điện thoại cảm ứng and then turning on the GPS.

This method of fixing failed lớn detect location Pokemon Go android has been proven useful quite a few times. Let’s kiểm tra out the steps…

Reboot your app android mobile by holding the power button.

Then, after the device has been restarted, turn on the GPS & play the game.


This is one of the most effective ways to fix if you are getting Pokemon Go spoofing failed to detect location. Try it, may resolve the issue altogether.

Way 6: Don"t Use PokemonGoSpoofers

Simply, if you want are getting; failed khổng lồ detect location Pokemon Go spoof, then stop using Pokemon Go location spoofers.

There was a time when spoofer apps can be used without any regulations, but the situation has changed.

So, if you are using a spoofer app lượt thích iSpoofer or FakeGPS Go and getting failed khổng lồ detect location (12) Pokemon Go. Stop using those apps.

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