Sửa Lỗi Excel Error Were Detected While Saving "

"Errors were detected while saving......" Got this after I created a spreadsheet then copied 7 other mall spreadsheets on to it as tabs in order to lớn create a master report. Any way I can fix it? “


#5: How to Repair a Corrupted Excel Workbook

If you have an infected workbook on its opening, Microsoft Excel immediately launches the file Recovery mode khổng lồ attempt to perform the workbook repair. This method is feasible for manually repairing a corrupt excel file where the file Recovery mode fails.Bạn đang xem: Lỗi error were detected while saving excel 2010

It is simple as shown in the below steps;

Click file > Open, on the xuất hiện box, select the corrupted Excel workbook;Go khổng lồ the xuất hiện button with the arrow next and select "Open and Repair"


Choose the Repair option khổng lồ recover the data from the corrupted excel file.

NB: The following methods may not save all the latest changes, formatting, và feature sets of the workbook that are specific lớn the version of Excel that you are using. The following methods are intended to let you obtain a usable, saved version of the file. These methods require you to save the file to your local hard disk by using a quality file name.

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Part 3. Use Stellar tệp tin repair khổng lồ Fix Excel Errors After All Above Solutions Fail

When you"ve tried everything else and failed at getting rid of Excel saving errors, it is not the right time to panic. Your Microsoft Excel application might be experiencing issues or the tệp tin in question might be corrupted. For this instance, it is best lớn use the services of a reliable Excel repair application.

We recommend using Stellar Repair for Excel for such dire cases when all else has failed. The application is equipped with technically advanced algorithms that repair Excel files, making it the best choice to lớn fix XLS và XLSX files. Once you have performed the repair on a corrupted Excel file, the software will restore the file contents including tables, charts, chart-sheets, cell comments, images, formulas, sorts, and filters to a new blank working Excel file which you can save easily.

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