Fix: Bluestacks Engine Could Not Start Issue In Windows 11 / 10

BlueStacks is a great apk emulator for PCs, but even great applications have issues. Among the issues is that the BlueStacks engine won’t start on some Windows systems. However, there’s nothing khổng lồ worry about because here’s a fix if your BlueStacks engine is in trouble.

If you’re new to BlueStacks, you might be wondering if the application is safe to use. You can read our article that answers the question, “Is BlueStacks safe?“

Why won’t BlueStacks start?

There could be several issues preventing your BlueStacks engine from starting. For instance, another application could be interfering with BlueStacks. Alternatively, it could be that virtualization is not enabled on your system.

You should also check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements khổng lồ run BlueStacks. If it’s not any of these, it could be that your BlueStacks installation requires a reinstall.

While there are several issues regarding the BlueStacks engine, some of them are similar. For instance, users reported BlueStacks stuck on the “starting engine” screen or stuck on the initialization screen.

You can try the following fixes that work for most users & are usually the solution khổng lồ most BlueStacks problems.

Disable unnecessary startup apps and restart your PC

A third-party application is likely interfering with the BlueStacks engine. To resolve this, you can disable unimportant apps from starting up automatically every time your PC boots.

1. Right-click on the Start thực đơn button on the Taskbar and open the Task Manager. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + Esc to xuất hiện the Task Manager.

Open the Task Manager. Image:
Startup tab in Task Manager. Image:
Deleting temporary files. Image:
Uninstall Bluestacks to lớn fix Bluestacks Engine. Image: BlueStacks.

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